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Thinking about making an R&D claim? Read this first.

You should probably forget everything you thought you knew about R&D tax credits.  Sounds like an extreme statement to start a blog post, but as a B2B tech founder it’s likely you’ve invested time and money into R&D already and as a result have explored your eligibility for R&D tax relief. Unfortunately, there’s a lot […]

Is outsourcing my financial operations right for me and my business?

We’re going to look into the future for a second: your B2B tech business has an established team of financial experts integral to the development (and running of) your company. They provide strategy and solutions, predict the unexpected and allocate every single transaction in and out of your business. You couldn’t do it without them.  […]

I have a startup tech business, do I need an accountant yet?


Our advice for startup B2B tech businesses is to strike up a relationship with a tech specialist accountant early on.  Having someone to turn to for clarification and guidance is really valuable when you’re making those early decisions. But how early is too early? When you’re bootstrapping, you want to know when is the right […]

What can a B2B tech founder do about the pressure of lots of cash?

lots of cash

Having lots of cash (after having none and working your butt off to raise it) can seem like the answer to all your worries. But if you’re reading this blog post, you’ll know that’s not the case. With each stage of building a B2B tech business comes new cash pressures, and getting a big chunk […]

Our values: the culture at the heart of our business

thrive values

At Thrive we strive for a positive impact on people and the planet as well as profit. It’s our mission to provide specialist support to tech founders from pre-seed phase through to series A funding in a sustainable way.  Our values add the human touch to our mission and purpose. They’re at the heart of […]

Are there accountants just for B2B tech businesses?

B2B tech business

Whether you’re a start-up or scaling up, a B2B founder has to handle the company accounts a little differently to the average business-owner. Because the landscape of the business is always changing, meticulous planning and strategy are important at all times. Whether it’s in the early pre-seed days, seed phase or you’re series A, there’s […]

How do I use my personal vehicle for business trips?

personal vehicle for business trip

Grab a to-go cup of coffee and queue up your favourite playlist: it’s time for a business trip. But you’re not setting out in some stuffy company car: you’re hitting the road in your very own, personal vehicle.  There’s an estimated 4 million ‘grey fleet’ cars in the UK – or employee-owned vehicles used for […]