At Thrive we strive for a positive impact on people and the planet as well as profit. It’s our mission to provide specialist support to tech founders from pre-seed phase through to series A funding in a sustainable way. 

Our values add the human touch to our mission and purpose. They’re at the heart of everything we do; a moral guide that helps us attract and retain team and clients alike. 

Our values help us do work with tech founders we admire

We are fortunate (almost to the point of boastful) to work with incredible tech founders. In a recent zoom meeting, the Thrive team shared what they love about their clients, and the same words kept coming up:

“Truly good people



“They see us as more than a service provider”

In order to make it through each stage of funding with confidence, you need more than a transactional relationship with your accountant. We believe in getting to know our clients personally because we want them to enjoy working with us. You will always face challenges in your finances (that’s a given because you’re trying to do hard things) but we make your challenges our own so the weight is shared. 

We get to work with great founders like this simply because we choose to! We want to work with like minded founders who share our values. 

And the same goes for the Thrive team. Collectively we want Thrive to, well…thrive. We know when you have a team of great professionals, aligned to the same values and mission (and you treat them well) you’re going to be much more successful in your business venture. 


Our values


Make an impact

We perpetuate success by balancing people, the planet and profit. 

To put it simply, we choose to work with nice humans. People who are excited about what they do, who celebrate their team’s hard work and pay them well for it too. People who recognise the impact they have on their surroundings and know paying it forward ultimately comes back. We love it when clients decide they’re in it for the impact, as well as the profit, broadening their vision to include how they can affect change. By working with impassioned business-owners, together we prove there isn’t a trade off between purpose and profit. Thrive is proud to be a certified B-corp and part of the Million Tree Pledge. It’s our mission to show SMEs there’s a strong business case for embracing a more impactful approach. Thrive partners with leaders; people who are equally passionate about their business and creating a long-term positive impact.

Tech-minded humans

Technology is an enabler of outcomes.

With tonnes of slick fintech out there, we believe in using as few apps as possible to streamline your processes. We’re clued-up on feature releases because we know it pays to be curious about what’s coming. It’s strategic to keep your eyes open because tech companies are at risk of obsoletion sooner than most. Embracing technology means your business will progress in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and relevance. Tech is the way it’s heading; not just for the B2B tech industry, but for every industry. A lot of our clients do big things in the tech space so it’s par for the course we’re into it too. However, you need the partnership of human with technology, particularly in accounting, to get to the most impressive outcome. It frees us up from the routine, repetitive work that it’s so good at, allowing us to be creative problem-solvers. Financial insight gained from tech needs to be applied with context and empathy; delivered by humans. It’s rarely the solution, but it’s incredibly powerful as an aid. 


We know what you prioritise changes from day to day.

We know the attitude to hustle-culture is changing and we recognise what our clients are doing is hard. That’s where we come in. Rather than make unnecessary sacrifices (like family, health or free time) Thrive takes the mantle when it comes to the business finances. Our clients have to make space for their own wellness. By removing the financial stress (as well as time spent) – our clients get those hours back. Our team is built up of dependable, thorough experts, capable of overseeing your finances while you focus on what’s important.  Equally, we know we’ll get the best out of our team by giving them the flexibility to honour the important parts of their lives too. They plan their workloads smartly and in return we give them the space to prioritise accordingly. We don’t believe working hours are the right metric for gauging efficiency. It’s in the quality and the consistency of our work and we’ve got that bit down.

Do you have a set of core values?

The importance of values won’t be lost on you. As a tech founder you know culture is a hugely important factor in the success of your venture. Often it can be a struggle to attract and retain the right people. The likelihood is that you will have your mission and vision down. What about your values?

We’ve done a lot of work on our values recently, to ensure they’re growing with us. As your team grows, your values may need to evolve. They become about more than just you, the founder. Here are a few things we learned in the process of brainstorming, writing and sharing our values:

  1. Get input from your core team – even if you’ve got some values from the early days. Ask your team what their impressions are. Do the values truly reflect the whole company? 
  2. Brainstorm some words or phrases – You might start with words like ‘trustworthy’ and ‘reliable’, but dig deeper. How do you define those words and how do they define your business? Consider who you are and who you most definitely are not.
  3. Shortlist until you find your heart and soul – As a team exercise you may find you have a long list of words and phrases that resonate with different people. Combine and eliminate words until you have 3-5 values you really believe in. Write up a definition of what those words/phrases mean to you – and then share them everywhere!

Learn more about who we are

It can be scary and daunting looking for an accountant. Especially when your idea has so much potential and you’re looking for someone who understands what you’re trying to achieve. We’re an approachable and friendly team who care about more than everyday generalist accounting. 

Take a look at our transparency page to explore our sustainable approach to doing business, and see where your money goes when you work with us. See if we’re the right match for you.