We find the blind spots in your business and help you plug the gaps

Being an ambitious tech Founder, you’re well versed in the concept of hiring people to plug the gaps in your knowledge.

By diagnosing your financial blindspots and filling the gaps in your system with specialised support, you’re able to adapt quickly and protect your most valuable asset: your time.

In every phase, operate with the same financial advantage as the tech giants




You’re getting off the ground with your product and building investor potential.


At this stage you’re starting to feel the weight of the investment money.


You’ve proved a lot now – but there’s a big jump in demand for you as Founder.
  • Focus on getting R&D and VAT right
  • Focus on getting support from an industry expert aligned with your goals
  • Focus on investing in bookkeeping – it is your foundation
  • Focus on getting up to date information on how much you’re spending and managing your runway
  • Focus on creating a finance function – we join up the financial roles so your support is all under one room.
  • Focus on continuing to outsource. Stick with Thrive- a team of experts you can rely on at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.
  • Focus on what it might look like to hire in-house down the line – we’ll help you figure out your future plan.

Instead of hiring one role at a time to get by, the Thrive way has all bases covered

Operating as your fractional Finance Function, you can mix and match our services as you grow. We’re able to drop in highly skilled resources when you need them.

You will go from using Xero like a bookkeeper, to mastering it like a CFO

You’re a tech person, so going using smart accounting software isn’t a big step for you.

We’ll show you how to take Xero and it’s integrated apps to the next level so you’re more efficient in all your business processes, making sure you’re using the right tools for each stage of growth.

A team of experts you can rely on at a fraction of the cost

‘Outsourcing your finance function’ is a fancy way of saying you get a whole finance team for a fixed monthly cost you can depend on.

It removes the stress of sourcing the financial skills you need in-house as you grow, and the high costs involved when you find the right people.

Prices can start as low as £150 a month + VAT if you’re just starting out. We won’t give you a one-size-fits-all cost, because every business is in a different place. Together we’ll assess where you’re headed, and give you a proposal tailored to you.

First step, uncover the blind spots


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