Get specialist accounting support so you can focus on scalability

Let us focus on your cash runway while you focus on product market fit

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You’ve convinced some serious people you’ve got something worth backing with a big chunk of money. You’re successfully generating revenue and retaining customers. You’re showing all the signs you can scale it further to a point of profitability.



You’re getting off the ground with your product and building investor potential.


At this stage you’re starting to feel the weight of the investment money.


You’ve proved a lot now – but there’s a big jump in demand for you as Founder.

Product market fit is your mission, but you’re having to spend so much time on hiring

You want your attention on the thing that’s going to drive the most important outcome. You need to prove what you have is scalable, and any time your focus is elsewhere, you’re lessening your chance of being able to do that.

Now you spend most of
your time and energy:

  • Hiring and building out the team
  • Trying to figure out your cash runway and worrying about spending the money you’ve been given in the allocated time

It feels like a completely different job from what you knew before.

We help you figure out your runway and explore ways to extend it

Figuring out your cash runway isn’t a standard financial statement. The runway isn’t something you can get from Xero, which is why we recommend getting support from accountants who have B2B tech experience and understanding.

We make sure you have numbers you can trust

When you work with us, you get peace of mind your numbers can be relied on – so you can apply your stress quota to other areas rather than the finances!

How we do that:

Path 35@2x

We set up your financial dashboard

So you’re tracking the things that are most important to you and your investors. This is both financial and non financial information.

You have a specialist team to help you scale as needed

Our team of specialists will run your financial operations on a fractional basis, rather than relying on one generalist accountant.

We help you use your numbers to take action

We consult with you on how best to interpret and act on what the dashboard is showing. Sometimes we meet weekly but usually monthly.

See what you could be
outsourcing to protect your time

Start by taking the system’s scorecard to identify your blind spots. This tool is of dual benefit – you get to hold on to it, and we get a copy. This helps us build solid systems early on and protect your most valuable asset: your time.


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