We provide B2B tech businesses with the professional
finance team they need, but can’t yet recruit

When you’re busy spinning all the plates, you probably don’t realise you’re trying to do so many specialised finance jobs. Bookkeeper, debt chaser, finance director, treasurer, decision maker.

But you’ll definitely be feeling it.

For start-up and scale-up tech businesses, generalist accounting doesn’t cut it

Known for rapid development, multiple funding rounds and ever-changing demands on the founders, tech companies simply have too many moving parts for traditional accounting practices to be of real value.

You have a vision of what success looks like, but you need specialist finance advice
Traditional reporting isn’t giving you the clarity you need to scale rapidly
A growing business like yours needs more than cheap compliance
Your time is spread too thin to be managing the finances yourself

Get an industry expert on board to
look out for your business

We have a head for tech
and a heart for impact

You have an ambition beyond just making money. Your ideas have the potential to fulfil a greater purpose. We love that.

Thrive is a certified B Corporation, made up of like minded senior finance professionals who believe business for good is good for business. Every interaction our clients have with us contributes to a greater purpose.


See our strides towards achieving net zero

Wherever you are in the B2B tech business, give yourself the best chance of succeeding at what you’re trying to achieve

We help tech founders from pre-seed phase through to series A funding avoid the stress of hiring by filling the gaps in your finance system with specialised support.

Man looking at train, with people talking

You’re getting off the ground with your product and building investor potential.

People talking on a train

At this stage you’re starting to feel the weight of the investment money.

Two office workers infront of a building

You’ve proved a lot now – but there’s a big jump in demand for you as Founder.

Increasingly with Thrive

How Thrive saved our SaaS startup thousands in consultancy fees

Not sure where the gaps are in your finance function?

Diagnose the blind spots in your business
with our FREE systems scorecard.


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