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You have a scalable business idea, the means to take your idea to the seed funding round, and know you can build on it without too much resource.



You’re getting off the ground with your product and building investor potential.


At this stage you’re starting to feel the weight of the investment money.


You’ve proved a lot now – but there’s a big jump in demand for you as Founder.

It can feel like a long time before you need an accountant

But if you’re asking someone to invest in you and your finances are messy, you’re not going to give an investor the confidence they need, and they may low ball their offer as a result.

Going cheap early can be costly down the line

The early pre-seed days are a time of great uncertainty. You see offers for 6 months free accounting and it looks like all you need right now. But when it’s provided for free, it means little to no time or attention is spent on the specifics of your business idea – and opportunities are missed.

You need someone looking at the specifics of your business and setting you on the right track

When you’re running a business, you can’t afford to get three years in and find you need to change to an accountant. You need someone you can lean on, who will grow with you.

The best way to maximise your chances of investment and see your vision through is to get an honest partner at the start, who will be with you for the whole journey.

How it works when you start with Thrive:


Accurate record keeping right from the get go

you don’t want to be paying a bookkeeper and an accountant to untangle your expenses down the line.

Advice on when and how to register for VAT

We’ll help you decide when it’s right to register for VAT and help you deal with it, depending on your specific circumstances.

You’re making the best use of R&D opportunities

when you’re aware of how it works from day one you can make decisions that maximise what you can claim.

Begin your journey with the big picture in mind

Your business idea deserves the best chance at succeeding.

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