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A Business Owners Guide to the 2021 Budget

Last week, Rishi Sunak set out his first Budget as Chancellor. Given how much we’ve heard from him over the last year that delay seems remarkable bu…

How to avoid paying 60% tax

If you studied the website you wouldn’t find mention of a 60% tax rate. The top rate is 45% and it’s reserved for those earning over £150k – Th…

Powering the country – Tax is like Electricty

Our Energy Mix The GB National Grid is powered by a mixture of sources, from coal through to renewables. Looking at the October 2020 results, 47% of our generation came from zero-carbon sources. That seems good, right? I think so. But as you dive into the numbers behind the remaining 53% it’s mostly gas which […]

B1G1 Membership And Our Giving

As B1G1 members, we link our everyday actions to giving stories that create positive impacts somewhere else in the world. This is our giving map   And this is our current running total. Curious to learn more? Start with this introductory video and then give B1G1 a try here 

‘We The People’ The Global Goals

Not sure what The Global Goals are? Also known as SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals – sit back and enjoy this 2015 video that launched the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and then continue your journey of discovery here  

Lockdown 2.0 Business Support

Things move fast in 2020! Friday night had finally seen the release of further Job Support Scheme details (JSS the successor scheme that was to run Nov-Apr), but by Saturday evening that scheme was put on the back burner, with a full extension of the existing furlough scheme (CJRS). JSS will not now take effect […]

£20 million in new grants to boost recovery of small businesses

If you missed it last week, a new (small) grant has been announced for SMEs via local growth hubs. Grants of between £1k and £5k will be available to help businesses get back on track through professional, legal, financial or other advice and /or new technology and other equipment.

Is The Xero Cash Flow Forecast Any Good?

Xero has recently added a new dashboard feature, showing a cash flow forecast for your business of up to 30 days. Is it any good though? In this short video, James Lizars takes you through the good, the bad and the alternative for creating a cash flow forecast that really adds value.

Getting your invoice paid – going nuclear!

You’ve done the work, it was good work, gratefully received. You issue the invoice and….nothing. You nudge, politely chase, leave messages, insist, get cross, write a snotty email, delete that snotty email, breathe and chase again, showing empathy and being super-reasonable and…..nothing. Now what?