We help our clients, our families and people we may never meet to Thrive

You can make an impact

  • You can have profits with principles.
  • Your tax can be a force for common good, not a necessary evil.
  • You can be a part of a network of businesses with global sustainability in their business strategy.

As your finance function, we’re well placed to show you how your business growth can be tied to the UN’s global goals, and what you can do to directly impact poverty, inequality, and tackle climate change.

We’re also here to help you proactively manage your tax, so you can appreciate the local impact it has without feeling burdened by it.

We’re not a social enterprise, but we do believe in business being a force for good.

Thrive is a certified B Corporation. Every interaction our clients have with us contributes to a greater purpose, from booking a meeting to being a part of our yearly donations.

Giving is simply how we do business

  1. When we secure £1k of R&D tax credits we provide 1 day of primary school education to a disadvantaged child in Zimbabwe.
  2. When a client achieves a 90 day objective we provide 1 day of business training to a woman in Guatemala.
  3. When we file a set of accounts within 3 months we sponsor an irrigation system for a village for a month.
  4. When we deliver a set of video management accounts we give 30 days of access to life-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia.
days of education
days of business training
months of irrigation
days of access to clean water
Certified B Corp

The new generations are holding us to account

There’s a new generation in the workplace. Generation Z are our future, and they want to do business with companies who are hitting global goals, whose values align with their own.

They believe we should be socially responsible – We agree.

Our values are part of a shared commitment to support social and environmental issues.

That’s why we have pledged to donate more than 20% of our profits to worthy causes each year.

The people behind the pledge

The Thrive team is a group of likeminded senior finance professionals.

Each of us has our own story of experience, in industry or in practice – from big business commercial finance teams to mid-size accounting firms.

Our efficiency as a team is part people, part tech. Think of Xero and it’s supporting network of apps as our junior team. They take care of the essential tasks so we’re able to use our expertise to give you the specialist attention a growing B2B tech business needs.

The team is led by James, a former Finance Director and Chief Operating Officer who has walked the miles in your shoes – having worked at board level as a senior leader, building and managing teams just like yours.